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Tenant Rules and Regulations

At Ocean Trace Apartments we have established the following rules to ensure the community continues to be a great place to live for all our tenants:

  1. OFFICE HOURS – The Management Office is open Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. After hours we maintain an answering service which can be reached by calling our office telephone number. We retain a maintenance person “on-call” to handle emergencies, which involve danger to life or property. In case of emergencies contact the answering service.
  2. MAINTENANCE – Please make your requests to the management office, or telephone the management office during business hours. No charges will be made for repairs or adjustments unless necessitated by Resident(s)’ negligence or mistreatment.
  3. RESIDENT MAINTENANCE – Resident(s) are responsible to maintain their apartments in a habitable condition. This includes mopping the no wax floors (do not wax), cleaning the exhaust intakes in the bathrooms and kitchen, and regularly cleaning the lint trap of the dryer.
  4. LIGHT BULBS – The Landlord will furnish electric light bulbs in the fixtures at the time Resident(s) take possession of the apartment, but not thereafter
  5. APPLIANCES – Your apartment has been furnished with large appliances. Additional large appliances (i.e., freezers, washers, dryers, etc.) are prohibited.
  6. ALTERATIONS TO APARTMENT – No alterations or improvements to the apartment premises will be made by Resident(s) unless given written permission by Property Manager. This includes but is not limited to painting, wallpapering, changing locks, excessive nailing or screwing screws into the walls or woodwork.
  7. QUIET HOURS – Resident(s) will not make any disturbing noises in their apartment at any time which would unreasonably interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other Residents in the building or complex. The hours between 11:00pm and 8:00am are considered quiet hours and will be observed by all Residents.
  8. RECREATIONAL FACILITIES – The recreational areas and facilities provided are for the use and enjoyment of Residents and their guests. All persons who use such areas and facilities do so at their own risk and assume all liability and responsibility for any accidents or personal injuries which may occur in connection with the use of these areas and facilities. Any temporary interruption, modification or discontinuance of any particular recreational service is not a cause for termination of the Agreement, rebate or reduction of rent.
  9. CHILDREN – The Landlord reserves the right to demand Resident(s) properly supervise children (under the age of 18) at all times in the Apartment Complex, including the Swimming Pool and Fitness Center. Any noncompliance of the Lease Agreement Rules and Regulations, or the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, of a child under the Resident’s care being unsupervised will be considered grounds for termination of the Lease Agreement provided in Section #22 of the Lease Agreement.
  10. GUESTS OR INVITEES – Resident(s) are responsible for the acts, behavior and conduct of their guests or visitors to the apartment building and complex. Should they commit acts that constitute violations of the Lease Agreement will be considered grounds for termination.
  11. DANGEROUS MATERIALS PROHIBITED – Resident(s) shall not use or keep in the apartment, explosives, burning fluid, camphene, kerosene, or fuel of any kind, or any other inflammable material. And shall not permit anything to be done on the apartment premises which will in anyway increase the rate of fire insurance to the apartment building, or in any way conflicts with any ordinance, rule or regulation of any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the apartments. BARBEQUE GRILLS MAY NOT BE STORED IN YOUR APARTMENT, OR ON THE PREMISES. We have provided two grills by the playground area and on the picnic area, for resident’s use. Any grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, or propane found on the premises, including underneath the breezeways, will be removed & discarded by our maintenance staff.
  12. GARBAGE REMOVAL – Resident(s) must put their trash inside the trash compactor on the complex for disposal. Resident(s) are not allowed to maintain garbage cans outside their apartment premises. Resident(s) may not place trash outside their front door for later disposal.
  13. PROPER ATTIRE – Resident(s) and guests will be properly attired when appearing in the common areas, or other public places on the complex. Landlord reserves the right to request that proper attire be worn and to determine what proper attire is in a given situation.
  14. COMMON AREAS – The walks, entrances, stairways and hall must not be obstructed or encumbered or used for any purpose other than entering or leaving the apartment premises.
  15. SIGNS – No sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering notices will be placed by Resident(s) in the apartment either inside, outside or anywhere in the complex.
  16. EXTERMINATION – Exterminating services are available on request or at the discretion of the Landlord. For service call the management office.
  17. KEYS & LOCKS – All apartment keys will be issued to Resident(s) upon move-in. During the lease term if Resident(s) request to have locks changed, management will do so for a charge a fee of $40.00. Resident(s) cannot install any other burglary prevention devices, other than the dead bolt locks provided by the Landlord without Landlord’s prior written approval and if the additional devices comply with the following terms and conditions: (a) The installation does not permanently damage the premises. (b) Duplicated keys are provided to Landlord; and (c) upon termination of the Lease Agreement, Resident(s) remove such devices, and restores the premises to its original condition.
  18. LOCKOUTS – Should Resident(s) lock themselves out during office hours, the office will open the apartment. After hours, the Answering Service will page the “on-call” person to meet you. There is a lock out fee of $25.00 to be paid to the “on-call” person upon presentation of some form of identification.
  19. NO MOTORCYCLES INSIDE APARTMENT – Resident(s) shall keep motorcycles only in the area designated by the Landlord. No circumstances will motorcycles be put or kept inside the apartment premises at any time.
  20. SOLICITATION – Door-to-door solicitation is not permitted. Resident(s) are requested to notify the Management Office when solicitors appear anywhere on the property.
  21. LAWN AREAS – The use of personally owned lawn furniture and equipment should be confined to your apartment when not in use. The lawn areas are for all Residents and may not be used for sunbathing. On No account are clotheslines allowed outside the apartment, or on the lawn.
  22. WHITE DRAPERIES OR LINERS – The Landlord provides mini-blinds on all windows. Resident(s) can hang another drape other than the one provided on condition the lining must be white facing the outside.
  23. WATERBEDS – Waterbeds are not allowed unless Resident has waterbed insurance and provides the Landlord with verification or a copy of their insurance.