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About Us

Shoreline Asset Management, LLC, is a company dedicated to assisting investors with the management of their valuable rental real estate. We oversee property managers, development, acquisition, management and real estate for our clients. Our services offer substantial benefits to investors, ensuring that their entire portfolios are properly managed and positioned to take full advantage of current and future rental markets.

Our company manages a range of rental properties, ranging from properties with 4-6 units up to properties with 65 units. We oversee both the property and those that manage the property, which ensures that quality is maintained across all properties owned by our clients.

Part of our commitment to quality includes providing rental properties that renters are truly satisfied with. The goal is always to minimize vacancy rates, which is best accomplished by providing rentals that are desirable and management that is attentive to the needs of the renters.

If you would like to learn more about our asset management services, or you are searching for a quality rental property in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, please contact us now.